Where do all arrows of time come from, according to Julian Barbour

Have you ever been shot with the arrow of time? Or perhaps you’ve been haunted by the feeling of pervasive timelessness? If any answer for those questions is “yes”, this might be the movie for you: Julian Barbour’s Bottom’s Dream. Julian will tell you quite a lot about the origin of the difference between the […]


A momentary lapse of global warming

Let us love snowy winter days now, they leave us so fast. Period. Depicted below – the Kampinos National Park (sort of) wilderness. The snow was gone two days after this bike ride, replaced with rain, leaving us with no scientifically justified hope for another such a singularity.


The shooting is the research

I remember how I bumbled when Tim Taylor and David Krakauer (Santa Fe Institute) asked me about the nature of my editing routines. I’ve just came across an interview with Frederick Wiseman (The Paris Review), who explains it the way I find close to my heart, and much more clearly than I managed to do then, in Santa Fe. […]


Autumn bliss of the high desert

I’ve been riding rough terrain since last login, those few months ago. Hence silence. But there was at least one episode of sheer joyfulness during that time – an autumn bliss of the New Mexico high desert. I was unbelievably lucky to spend four intense weeks at Santa Fe Institute, the epicenter of research of […]


The Antithesis of Peace

I always thought the desert was the antithesis of peace – something that attacks you. So you don’t go to the desert for peace. It’s Sam Shepard, in the interview for The Guardian. The Sam Shepard, Santa Fe Institute’s Miller Scholar, 2010-2011. Was he right? Was he wrong? I’ll be testing both hyphotheses. A few […]


Stark Beauty of the Wild East

The stark winter beauty of Chełm Land, a historic region of eastern Poland and the adjacent areas of Ukraine and Belarus. A nomadic part of my family (the one with German roots) decided to settle down somewhere here on their return from the Volga River valleys.