Pioneers go (sort of) Hollywood

Pioneers documentary series didn’t have a proper trailer – but now it (sort of) does. This is also my very first attempt of going into a Hollywood mode.

As you might know each of the 45 minute long episodes portraits one remarkable contemporary thinker, a rebel, a pioneer. There is Julian Barbour (physicist and science historian), Daniel C. Dennett (philosopher), Gregory Chaitin (mathematician) with his intellectual sparring partner Virginia Chaitin (philosopher and Gregory’s wife), there is also Roy Glauber, the Nobel Prize laureate and one of the atomic bomb designers. You will find them all represented in this two minute long snapshot.

The second season of the series is being worked on…

Distant lands

Distant lands. B-rolling for the Pioneers series at the very northern tip of Sandy Hook, NJ. Old and rusty military installations, the proving ground – all that is being reclaimed by nature.

The mighty Hudson river

The mighty Hudson river as seen from the Bear Mountain. Filming additional footage for the Pioneers doc series. Six years ago we drove the same winding road with Gregory and Virginia Chaitin. It was spring, all sounds from the valley were damped by the vegetation. Today it’s different – one can hear a conversation from a distance of a mile or so.

The outcome of our meeting with Greg was an interview published in Polityka. We met again, this time in Brazil, and filmed Against Method – an episode of The Pioneers series, which will be published soon.

Coney Island in November

One of those few places that don’t change much. Coney Island in November. Chill, no thrill, and Hopperian beauty.

And yeah, the reason I go there whenever I can is this too – below.

On the ambiguity of the past

The past is no more certain than the future. What happens to the information about a drop of water once the latter evaporates? Is it lost forever?

Filming on the ambiguity of the past with one of the most fascinating thinkers of our times, whom lets tentatively call Mr. CHB. The second season of the Pioneers documentary series is coming.

Space is lost, for now

Looking for the faded traces of romantic era of space exploration at the Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, the arena of 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair.

B-rolling for the second season of the Pioneers documentary series.

The Impossible past

One moment, one unrepeatable chemical reaction. No cloning possible, no copy-paste procedure at hand… A time travel like experience.

Testing the 2nd generation of the instant film developed by Impossible, the company established by a bunch of old Polaroid lovers. The pleasure is immense, though a bit pricey. But, you know… one has to have priorities.

I’m gonna use those flimsy information storage devices in the second series of the Pioneers doc series.

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