Two years ago Artur Ekert, a friend who is a renowned physicist by day and crazy pilot by night took me for an unforgettable ride. We flew his old Cessna from Johor in Malaysia up North, along the shores of the Malacca Strait, to, well, Malacca.

The latter is one of those places whose name automatically and subconsciously triggers some, usually imaginary, memories from a distant childhood – brings to life verses of the books long forgotten… those of the pirates of the Southern Seas, etc…

In other words – it was a pure joy to circle above this ancient trading hub, and then to walk the streets of the city, which, despite quite a heavy influx of tourists, remains surprisingly authentic and unspoiled. I was lucky – due to a storm forecasts we got grounded, couldn’t fly back on the same day, and “had” to spend a night in Malacca. This chaotic side of nature is something I cherish.

Since Ewa Jalochowska, an art historian and a writer, who happens to be my wife, is preparing a lecture on the Peranakan (as it is known in Singapore) and Baba Nyonya (in Malaysia) culture, I was obliged to dig into the archives, looking for the photos taken during that trip. And here’s a sample output.