The art and science event we had fun participating in on 20 October 2017 constituted a grand opening of the series of events dedicated to Pioneers that took place this autumn and winter in Lublin, at the one and only Meeting of Cultures Centre.

We enjoyed six (in total) panel discussions about those rarely visited regions that span somewhere art and science, two worlds of individualism that struggle to find a common language, and, most importantly, full audience, and the warmest reception imaginable. We love you, Lublin!

And who is this “we”? A group of charming people you’d love to meet while stranded on a desert island.

Aneta Kyzioł – POLITYKA’s theatre critic and post modern media specialist (a blog of her, in Polish). Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman – a theoretical physicist of University of Wrocław, a specialist on quantum gravity. Paweł Passinia theatre director whose work bears very strong musical traits and frequent unobvious inspirations with the kabbalah tradition. Monika Pasiecznika music critic, curator, and author. Piotr Panek – a biologist of University of Warsaw (a blog run by Piotr, in Polish). Agnieszka Krzemińska and Marcin Rotkiewicz – science journalists of POLITYKA. Łukasz Lamża – a science journalist of Tygodnik Powszechny, and an author. Tomasz Kozakan artist of many talents. Justyna Sobolewska – a literary critic of POLITYKA (a blog of her, in Polish). And me. I’m not quite sure about that desert island in this last case, though.

The very special words of appreciation go to yet another good friends of mine, without whom nothing would have happened in Lublin: Monika Sawka of the Meeting of Cultures Centre, the Mother Organizer who took a gentle (yet firm) care of the whole series of events, Paweł Frelik of the American Studies at Maria Curie Sklodowska University, a smart guy with research interests in science fiction, video games, fantastic visualities, digital media, and transmedia storytelling (one of two irreplaceable hosts of events), and Marek Ścibior, a philosopher and story teller (the other host).

And here’re (below) photos of the final event, the one that accompanied screening of Artur Ekert’s episode of PioneersJacek Mazurkiewicz extracted bits of pure randomness from the cosmic radiation background and transformed them, with a little help from a befriended physicist, into music.