I’ve been riding rough terrain since last login, those few months ago. Hence silence. But there was at least one episode of sheer joyfulness during that time – an autumn bliss of the New Mexico high desert.

I was unbelievably lucky to spend four intense weeks at Santa Fe Institute, the epicenter of research of the no man’s land between randomness and order. It happened in September, when foliage goes color crazy, so, you know, no more whining on my side.

Thanks to Jenna Mashall’s and David Krakauer’s generosity and trust I had a chance of developing and shooting some more footage for a documentary about the institute – a feature movie which I tentatively title Desert Shift.

Some of the fantastic people I had a pleasure to work with this time you might already know from my previous posts – these are Cormac McCarthy, David Krakauer, Geoffrey West, Mirta Galesic, Sid Redner…

But the movie will include many more of those who – unlike the ordinary mortals – can easily tell things that are complex from those that are mundanely complicated.

Here they are – the old and the new friends. More about the unique intellectual phenomenon of SFI soon.