Category: Breaking the Codes

Documentary film project on history of cryptology by Artur Ekert and Karol Jalochowski.

Klondyke, AZ

Who would have thought – in Klondyke again. My little piece of ghost town in the middle of nowhere. I made a good friend there. My life changed its course there. And, by the way, it will play a significant role in the new doc project.

Secrets in the world of mistrust

Cryptographer, an inventor of quantum key distribution protocol, Artur Ekert in today’s Nature – on free will in the world of distrust. It seems this little corner of Holland Village is our base location in Singapore. Full article here, behind a paywall though: 


Kranji station

Singapore. Kranji radio station in 1934, photos courtesy of Museum of Radar and Communications at HMS Collingwood

Tapping the wireless

Singapore less known. Kranji radio signals intercepting station, also known as RN W/T Station Kranji, pictured in 1967. Far Eastern Combined Bureau used to (1937-42) tap wireless communication across South-East Asia, and between Soviet Union and Far East. Today it’s the location of Singapore Army’s School of Signals.

Nüshu code

Nüshu. Slender and beautiful secret code of women from Jiangyong County in Hunan province of southern China. Discovered in late XX century. The very last person proficient in Nüshu died nine years ago.