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Personal notes

The Large Horn Antenna

One of those holy places of science – The Large Horn Antenna at Holmdel, NJ. A very deeply hidden place. You won’t find on any map, there won’t be any road sign.

It was here Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered microwave background radiation’s existence – a “noise” leftover from the creation of the Universe.

Turner’s bridge

The Ponte Delle Torri, Spoleto (c.1840-1845) by Joseph Mallord William Turner. Yes, he painted this Roman bridge and aqueduct for its indisputable beauty, but I do suspect also for its engineering excellency. 80 meters high, 200 meter long piece of still standing architecture, which, very conveniently, served two purposes at once: transporting water from the nearby mountains and throwing Christians from it.


An ancient fable of a wise man who spoke to birds and wolves hijacked by the Holy Church – and converted into the story of the Saint Francis of Assisi. But who cares about legal rights when exposed to such meteorology.