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Where do all arrows of time come from, according to Julian Barbour

Have you ever been shot with the arrow of time? Or perhaps you’ve been haunted by the feeling of pervasive timelessness? If any answer for those questions is “yes”, this might be the movie for you: Julian Barbour’s Bottom’s Dream. Julian will tell you quite a lot about the origin of the difference between the […]


The Next Revolution in Physics is coming

In 2014 I had a pleasure of collaborating with British physicist and mathematician Julian Barbour (also an acclaimed writer, author of the bestselling The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics) on Bottom’s Dream. This 45-minute movie became an episode of my documentary series Pioneers. For half a century Julian Barbour (b. 1937) has […]


Shape Dynamics of the Cotswold Hills

Julian Barbour, one and only independent physicist, cosmologist, and Shakespeare connoisseur based in Oxfordshire, whom you might know as the protagonist of Bottom’s Dream, the third installment of the Pioneers series, continues his work on Shape Dynamics theory – “a new theory of gravity that is based on fewer and more fundamental first principles than General Relativity”. Sounds […]