Sometimes story comes first, sometimes form does. And sometimes they grow together, in an organic way. That was the case of Ekert: A Model Kit, the seventh episode of the Pioneers series. We were experimenting on the set, with Artur Ekert, looking for a proper flow (some early beta testers of the movie ask if we were high when filming – we were definitely not), and then I continued home, editing.

Striking a proper aesthetic mode that would correspond to the subject matter, which is the idea of quantum multiverse, was a challenge. My intention was to bring this Singaporean, equatorial, radiant, humid heat to the screen, and make it flicker, multiply, and overlap, but not in a classical way, but a possibly “quantum” one. Did I succeed – it’s not for me to judge.

This trial and error method generated a handful of by-products, teasers, two of which I decided to present below. 

The movie is being now processed by Jacek Mazurkiewicz, a master of double bass – more about it soon!