Cracow is one of those cities every single kid in Poland was obliged to see, and I was no exception. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s nicely preserved. Yes, since it was not bombed during the WWII, it’s whole original, there are no postwar architectural substitutes within the old town district. Yes, it used to be the hub of the republic, before it was moved to Warsaw. But it’s also constantly hazed and crowded with tourists, so there seemed to be no reason to go there again…

It has changed rapidly this year when Docs+Science, a science section of the Cracow Film Festival, launched the series of Pioneers screenings. The series is presented episode by episode, one per month, and every screening is accompanied by a discussion with an expert.  The atmosphere is great, people flock to the welcoming halls of AGH University of Science and Technology by dozens –  thanks to wonderful job of Marta Czubajewska, Piotr Seweryn, Olga Lany and many others Cracovian friends.

Oh, yes – and going back to Cracow: There won’t be a picture from Cracow. It has been photographed to death. Here are shots taken on the way though, from a train window.