Niederschlesien, Niederschläsing, Dolní Slezsko, Dolny Ślůnsk, Silesia Inferior, aka Dolny Śląsk. The quintessential Europe. The region which has as many names as identities. Or go back – its identity is something fluent, overlapping, ever changing, and emergent. It doesn’t conform to the framework of national identities, it does not conform to the scheme of borderlines.

Every single square meter of this region changed hands countless number of times.  Last time it happened in 1945, after the WWII, when it became a part of Poland.

Or go back again – last time it happened in 1989, right after the end of communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe. The region was abandoned by the state, became a subject of the bold experiment of liberal capitalism – and it is not entirely clear whether it will recover anytime soon.

It was my first visit there – going back in summer.