The Bomb in Warsaw

Yes, it did happened – the preview of “The Bomb That Shook the World” at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The film story of Roy Glauber, the Nobel Prize laureate, one of the last scientists who took part on the Manhattan Project, the person who witnessed the Trinity test, will have its Big […]


Fashion is evil

“Fashion is evil, and I think that talented people should be against fashion, should be against the ideas of the majority. Fight the system!” – says Gregory Chaitin, a natural born rebel spirit of mathematics. My movie on Greg and his wife, Virginia, a philosopher of science, has just had its preview. The premiere is […]


Brazil by the Palace

Crazy, surreal, and wonderful – Greg and Virginia Chaitin with their Brazilian theory of metabiology, right by the The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The preview is over – now getting ready for the full blown premiere.

Mother of the bomb

Lise Meitner – beautiful mind, mother of the bomb, overlooked by the Nobel committee. Pictured in 1906.