Ghosts of Singapore

Yet another movie that shows events presented in Ewa Jalochowska’s book “Ghosts of Singapore”. Welcome to the Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore. It’s firewalking time. (Source:

The Chinese New Year

My life partner, Ewa, wrote a beautiful book about Singapore – its tremendously multilayered culture, its religions. “Ghosts of Singapore” have been just published. And here is a little bit of a movie that promotes the book – showing Chinese New Year celebrations at the charming tiny Thekchen Choling temple in Singapore. (Source:


Codes of the Universe

We spent several adventurous days in New Mexico and Arizona. Summer there is hot, to say the least. And “we” means Artur Ekert, crazy physicist from Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, and University of Oxford, Evon Tan, smartest admin manager in the world, without whom we would die sudden and unexpected death in the […]

Ilha de Paquetá

Math and life de Paquetá

Time machine shifted this little island 150 years back in time. No cars, no motorcycles. No paved roads. Horses, bicycles, and the tiny Jesus figure on a hill above Rio de Janeiro. Chequered history full of episodes of glory and poverty, going through cycles of being forgotten and rediscovered again. This is here where, in […]

Highway 1.

October Maine mainly

Misty Maine. Those precious hours of driving to and from the target locations. Side roads, voluntary byways, empty stretches of local connections, little towns along highways like this one – the One. It took me back from Little Deer Island and Blue Hill, region chosen by one of the most intriguing philosophers of our times, to […]


Gödel’s incompleteness hotel

There was a dream. A dream to make mathematics fully comprehensible, to prove everything which is provable, to disprove what is disprovable. To make it black and white. To derive a conceptual machine that takes axioms, grinds them, and automatically explores what is undiscovered in math, bit by bit, up until the very last one. David […]