Quantum mechanics in not a joke, I tell you! :) One more superb filming day with Artur Ekert – and with Momo Lu Yin as sound engineer. You were wonderful!

Artur Ekert is looking for Einstein’s traces in the middle of an equatorial jungle. Stung by ants, but not defeated. A very fruitful second day of shooting is over.

There’s an element of reality here, says Artur Ekert during the first day of shooting with him. Thank you Artur!!!

One of the very last b-rolls for the doc, with ultrapatient Steven and Yang Ce – thank you guys!

[vimeo 59790237 w=250 h=141] A short side project we filmed with Dag Kaszlikowski. Enjoy! (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

[vimeo 59634651 w=250 h=141] Cryptographic key distribution problems as demonstrated by Dag and Akihito. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

[vimeo 59556540 w=250 h=141] How do you start revolutions? Much more relatively soon. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

The long process is completed. Something (pottery) beautiful and real is created from – approximately – nothing. The managers of the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, Steven Low Thia Kwang, and Ng Yang Ce – thanks for hospitality!

Dragon kiln firing mysterium. B-rolling at the Pottery Jungle.