B-rolling at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.

Today – Christian Kurtsiefer on monster machines made out of junk, and hacking the unhackable. Christian, Dag – it has been a pleasure to work with you, gentlemen! Filming at the very unique location was possible by courtesy of managers of the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.

Lion Dance Competition. B-rolling in Chinatown. 

A side short flick project titled Gwei Lo – the one we shoot together, Dag Kaszlikowski and me. More soon.

In this segment Dagomir Kaszlikowski will say “The first quantum revolution has demolished reality in a way. It separated us, observers, from the world we are submerged in. It erected a wall, the great China wall between micro and macro world – giving no hints, no map telling where exactly they start and where they […]

Anthony Leggett: a bit tired, jet lagged – yet wonderfully engaging. Thank you for the interview, Professor!

34th filming day. Quite an exhausting one – due the an unexpected January heat wave (hottest days on record), the level of complexity (classical cryptography explained) – but extremely rewarding.Dag Kaszlikowski – this is your expertise, stamina, commitment, and determination that make this documentary feasible. Aki Soeda – without your willingness to get killed and […]

Although this peculiar character was conceived for a side short film project titled “Gwei Lo”, he’ll play a role in our doc. He’ll exemplify how risky it is to distribute cryptographic keys using traditional, classical methods.

How to describe John Bell’s inequality in a less than technical manner? Valerio Scarani delivers. Thanks Valerio, thanks Dag!