Today we tried to answer the question: Is quantum mechanics like a leaking boat, or it isn’t? And we did quite succeed, actually. With Dag, Vlatko Vedral, and Momo Lu Yin. You were splendid – thanks!!!

How to film quantum bit commitment? We invented (sort of) a metaphor, as usual. More here.

“Quantum Dreams”, not “The French Connection”. B-roll filming in Tiong Bahru. With Stephanie Wehner and Dag Kaszlikowski.

One more “Quantum Dreams” guest – Sir Peter Knight. This time – on three revolutions in quantum physics.

“Free will? Man… And what is it?” IAS mathematician Avi Wigderson on randomness, and on debunking some popular myths.

Filming in Tiong Bahru. Dag will say: “Quantum computers. Stephanie Wehner is one of those few people who actually really do understand what’s going on inside those machines.”

[vimeo 53936216 w=250 h=141] Pierwszy trailer projektu dokumentalnego realizowanego w Singapurze. Więcej wkrótce. (Source:

Reality temporarily suspended. Morning after the Deepavali parade, Little India.More here. 

And action! …and it was action indeed. A crazy shooting evening at Race Course Road. What the Deepavali parade has to do with quantum mechanics? A lot. Dag will explain it wonderfully during the very first minutes of our documentary.More here.