We decided to kill the Schrödinger’s cat to death – to get rid of one of the most overused metaphors of physics. Unfortunately here comes rain again, and Dag will have to repeat the procedure again.More here. 

For those of you with an interest: I am NOT making a religion oriented documentary. It will NOT explore similarities between science and spirituality. It will not deal directly with transcendence, internal enlightenment, etc. But, yes, it will deal with this common urge of seeking “the meaning of this all” – which can be followed […]

Looking for glimpses of hidden variables during Theemithi (Fire Walking Festival) at Sri Mariamman Temple :) Quite surprisingly even here reality isn’t experienced directly – only the privileged few can see the ceremony with their own eyes, with no mediation of computer screens.More here. 

[vimeo 52684954 w=250 h=141] Life, death, and collapse. Played by Dag Kaszlikowski and Pawel Kurzynski, uncompromising physicists from the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. We decided to kill the poor Schrödinger’s cat to death. New metaphors of quantum superposition are badly needed, and here’s our humble suggestion. This short flick was shot during two […]

[vimeo 52528144 w=250 h=141] Artur Ekert. Some say he can be in many places at the same time. Well, watch this… (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

[vimeo 52289922 w=250 h=141] Entangled moves by the ingenious Strangeweather Movement Group (Faye Lim, Bernice Lee, Christina Chan, Daniel Sahagun Sanchez). They will play a substantial role in “Quantum Dreams” documentary.Here’s a demo reel of the group’s “Spooky Action at a Distance” performance. We recorded it on October 20 and 21. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

Some call it the spooky action at a distance, some would call it the rainbow connection (look it up here). Others would say: pure luck that has something to do with the intrinsic randomness of nature. Whatever the fundamental reason behind this meeting is – I’m really happy that a collaboration with the Strangeweather Movement has just […]

Dragons used to inhabit remote, murky, undiscovered regions of the world.How does it relate to quantum mechanics? We’ll check it in the doc series. More here.

I’m a quantum frog, and I’m proud of it. Actually – it is not as nonsensical as it might seem at the first glance. That’s what we’ll be investigating in “The Quantum Dreams” documentary series. More here.