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A momentary lapse of global warming

Let us love snowy winter days now, they leave us so fast. Period. Depicted below – the Kampinos National Park (sort of) wilderness. The snow was gone two days after this bike ride, replaced with rain, leaving us with no scientifically justified hope for another such a singularity.


Stark Beauty of the Wild East

The stark winter beauty of Chełm Land, a historic region of eastern Poland and the adjacent areas of Ukraine and Belarus. A nomadic part of my family (the one with German roots) decided to settle down somewhere here on their return from the Volga River valleys.


Shape Dynamics of the Cotswold Hills

Julian Barbour, one and only independent physicist, cosmologist, and Shakespeare connoisseur based in Oxfordshire, whom you might know as the protagonist of Bottom’s Dream, the third installment of the Pioneers series, continues his work on Shape Dynamics theory – “a new theory of gravity that is based on fewer and more fundamental first principles than General Relativity”. Sounds […]


Summer of love, summer of protests

Summer in the city, summer of protesting. Since Poland is struggling with a crawling coup d’etat, we “relax” on the streets – trying to save as much of democracy as we can. We usually fail…


When days of acid rains are over

The Central Sudetes, one of the most forgotten, the least hip(ster) mountains in Poland – and perhaps the most beautiful ones. Compact, quiet, surprising on every turn of countless hidden, winding tracks, heavy with unsolved mysteries. It’s a region with the most convoluted history, a perfect example of Central Europe’s cultural complexity. Despite being washed […]


Pleasures of staring at birds in the post-truth world

My introduction to the world of birdwatching (many thanks to Jędrzej Winiecki, a real pro). Damn cold and windy March morning, but the whole experience – thoroughly addictive! Myriads of European golden plovers, thousands of Taiga bean geese, some cackling geese, some ruffs, a dozen of black-tailed godwits, one white-tailed eagle, plus twenty or thirty […]