Filming the seventh episode of the Pioneers series was quite an adventure – I shot Artur Ekert in Singapore, tormented him before and after sunset, and bothered him in Indonesia, when he tried (in vain) to find a hideaway.

Who is Artur Ekert? He was born in 1961, in Poland. He is a physicist, mathematician, and one of the inventors of quantum cryptography and quantum information science.

Here he explains how to keep secrets in a world of mistrust – in a little movie we shot in Singapore, announcing an article by Artur Ekert and Renato Renner that was published in the 27 March issue of Nature, the weekly international journal of science:

Artur Ekert is a professor at the University of Oxford and the National University of Singapore, a top notch security advisor, a founder of the Centre for Quantum Computation at Cambridge, and the director of the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. Artur Ekert has been awarded the Maxwell Medal, an Institute of Physics Prize, the Hughes Medal, and the European Union Descartes Prize. He’s also a Royal Society Fellow. 

In real life he is an easygoing chap with one funny quirk – he is unbelievably poorly localized, just like a quantum object (have a look at the video we filmed four years ago, above). Artur Ekert has to be chased, which – action wise – is not the worst kind of situation you can imagine…

More about the movie soon. Today let me share a few freeze frames – and a teaser trailer (top). Enjoy!

Yes – regarding media footprint you might also know Artur Ekert from Reality Lost, or the pilot of Breaking the Codes, the movie we’ll shoot one of these days.