A little bit of shameless self-promotion today.

Yes – I am proud to announce that I was awarded the Grand Press, which is a Polish equivalent of the Pulitzer prize (more here, in Polish).  The jury showed its appreciation of The Bomb That Shook the World, the movie on Roy Glauber, that we shot with Artur Ekert. Yes – it was a huge surprise. And yes – it wasn’t unpleasant a feeling.

tp_30_1418304327_viewBut my person is only a small part of the equation. The whole that thing wouldn’t happen, if it weren’t for all those wonderful, open, patient, and generous thinkers I had a privilege and pleasure of meeting during the last 10 years of my work for POLITYKA weekly, and for Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS. They prove that science, this elaborate procedure of scratching the surface of reality, is a thrill.

These are the people (a bunch of portraits below) that made me think. Some of them I am honored to call friends. Artur, it’s about you – many thanks for all the support!

There also are Joanna Zimakowska and Andrzej Gorzym, whom I had a chance of collaborating with for years – those two highly underappreciated masters of science  popularization in Poland. There is Lech Będkowski, too, the editor that is called, and a man of an endless charm.

There are Jadwiga Kucharczyk, the finance director, Jerzy Baczyński and Jacek Poprzeczko, editors-in-chief of POLITYKA, for whom an old fashioned term of “the mission” hasn’t lost its meaning. And, last but definitely not least, there is Piotr Zmelonek, the publishing director of the weekly, who trusted my crazy idea of shooting Pioneers, which the awarded movie is a part of.

I owe you all an enormous debt of gratitude!