Solo journalism

What I’ve been trying to pursue for the last several years is digital solo journalism (read Skills and interests). I wasn’t aware the activity that felt 100% natural and obvious for me has its special, fancy name. But apparently now it does, I was informed by my colleagues at POLITYKA weekly. Taxonomy precedes the need sometimes… 

Solo journalism means taking the full advantage of modern technologies – small cameras (Panasonic GH3 and GH4 in my case), lights (trusty Polish Akurat), microphones (Sennheisers), miniature high-end audio recorders (Zoom), etc. There are things you can’t do with one man band, of course, but the rest can be done on a very personal way, which, I hope, makes a difference.

Solo journalism also means blood, sweat, and tears, staying self sufficient, awake and aware, being on the road – which is exactly why I love it.