Freeman Dyson (born in 1923, England) is a legendary science figure who has influenced countless fields of knowledge. Without his talent of seeing things in their innermost nature science would be way different today (to mention quantum electrodynamics).

His subversively optimistic views on numerous topics stirred a lot of controversy. As Dyson likes to explain his stance: The world needs heretics to challenge orthodoxies. It is better to be wrong than to be vague.

Freeman Dyson is also a lone proponent of the idea of long term deep space colonization. I’m obsessed with the future, he says.

For the last 70 years Dyson has been involved in numerous nuclear disarmament and peace initiatives. His actions during the Cold War made the planet a lot safer place than it had been expected to be.

And here is a trailer of the movie that we shot together in October and November 2015, in Princeton, New Jersey. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the time (and patience) that Freeman Dyson granted me. Many, many thanks!

Although conversations covered many aspects of Freeman Dyson’s rich fabric of life, the movie itself focuses on one thread only, the one associated with space exploration – the one that has something to do with another space dreamer, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and one of many unfulfilled dreams of the Atomic Age.

Although I’d love to, I can’t reveal more at the moment, since the movie will have its premiere soon. It will open the second season of my Pioneers doc series. What I can reveal is that music was written by cétieu, a highly talented Polish artist who tames drones like nobody else.