The eternal problem with b-rolls is as follows: either you have too much of an additional footage, or too little. Usually the latter is the case, of course.

To collect a proper amount of illustrative footage that would constitute a visual context and, sometimes, provide a subtext to the story told by Freeman Dyson, I drove to Sandy Hook, NJ, I spent a day filming in Queens, NY, and one hectic autumn evening at Coney Island, NY. And not a second of that footage, taken not without an effort, made it to the movie. After days of considering various options I decided to stick to the solid Aristotelian unities of action, time, and space, limiting visual chaos to the absolute minimum.

The space is provided by the surroundings of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, by changing color of the foliage, by changing weather, altering humidity, shifting ambience. You’ll see how it works, if it works, when this episode of Pioneers has its premiere.

I decided to utilize that Coney Island footage, though, in a more or less creative way, by preparing a meditative teaser of the movie. For your enjoyment, of course.

Freeman Dyson explains what his notion of god is, what role the mind might play in the universe – and what the world-soul is.