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Science documentary film series Pioneers by Karol Jalochowski, produced by Polityka, supported by Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS.


Where do all arrows of time come from, according to Julian Barbour

Have you ever been shot with the arrow of time? Or perhaps you’ve been haunted by the feeling of pervasive timelessness? If any answer for those questions is “yes”, this might be the movie for you: Julian Barbour’s Bottom’s Dream. Julian will tell you quite a lot about the origin of the difference between the […]


The Antithesis of Peace

I always thought the desert was the antithesis of peace – something that attacks you. So you don’t go to the desert for peace. It’s Sam Shepard, in the interview for The Guardian. The Sam Shepard, Santa Fe Institute’s Miller Scholar, 2010-2011. Was he right? Was he wrong? I’ll be testing both hyphotheses. A few […]


The Next Revolution in Physics is coming

In 2014 I had a pleasure of collaborating with British physicist and mathematician Julian Barbour (also an acclaimed writer, author of the bestselling The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics) on Bottom’s Dream. This 45-minute movie became an episode of my documentary series Pioneers. For half a century Julian Barbour (b. 1937) has […]


Desert singularity of Santa Fe Institute

In autumn 2017 I was honored by an invitation to collaborate with the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. We’ve been working on a documentary movie project depicting this unique non-profit science institution’s search for order in the complexity of evolving worlds. Documentation and the first filming sessions took place in December 2017. The documentary […]


Art, Science, and Value of Friendship

The art and science event we had fun participating in on 20 October 2017 constituted a grand opening of the series of events dedicated to Pioneers that took place this autumn and winter in Lublin, at the one and only Meeting of Cultures Centre. We enjoyed six (in total) panel discussions about those rarely visited regions that […]

Marian Turski, the Chairman of the Museum Council for POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Deputy Chairman of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, a Holocaust survivor and long-time journalist for Polityka weekly - hosting Daniel and Susan Dennett at POLIN. Photo: KJ

Does Dionaea Muscipula Have Free Will?

Daniel C. Dennett (b. 1942) from Tufts University is one of the key philosophers of mind today and a great reformer in the field of knowledge. For nearly half a century he has been searching for the answer to the questions: What is consciousness? What is free will? Is faith a natural phenomenon? My film […]


Pioneers at the edge(s) of the world

Autumn has just started needling us shamelessly with cold rain, battering with this-is-not-a-breeze-look-for-a-shelter, but in other respects this October has been developing surprisingly well. Slowly but stubbornly my dearest series Pioneers go global. Yeah, it’s a quiet percolation rather than a brute invasion, and it won’t win anyone an Oscar, but that’s not the point of the series. The […]